Embodied Technologist |  Somatic Vocal Coach  |   Sexual Wellness Educator

Speak with empathy, power, and gravity and learn how to integrate sensuality

Embody voice  with  Megwyn White


‚ÄčEach one of us has something important to say, but for many, the voice doesn't always flow so easily. Too often our voices get stuck at the most inopportune times.... just when it means the most. 


What kind of world would it be if everyone felt comfortable speaking what is truly important to them, with gravity and presence? 

Unfortunately, we are taught very early in life to silence our voices and to leave the talking up to those more charismatic than us, more powerful than us, and more brave than us.

However, your voice is unique and no one else can truly speak like *you* can. 

What you might not know is that the blockage in and around your voice (that tension you feel when you speak) is actually something that can be unblocked.

Your voice is also integrally tied to your sexual expression, and understanding how to activate the connection with your voice can not only enhance pleasure, but also allow you to deepen intimacy and sensual power.


With the right education, your voice can open up and be heard in a way you may only have dreamed of... or silently wished.

 Learn How To:  

  • Use your voice as a magnetic force 

  • Speak with greater depth and clarity

  • Command any stage or room

  • Transform anxiety into power and presence

  • Experience the pleasure of speaking with your whole body

  • Integrate the power of your voice to enhance sexual pleasure and deepen intimacy.