Her ability to connect to the wide range of expressions within each character through more physical approaches to acting led her to deeper studies of the body; Yoga, Pilates, Taoist techniques, tantra, and a more extensive study in the structure and architecture of the human body with teachers like Yamuna Zake (creator of Yamuna Body Logic, and Yamuna Body Rolling), and Rael Isacowitz (Founder of Body Arts and Science International).

Over the years of working one on one within the field of bodywork she began to notice that there were "patterns of contraction" in relation to the energy of voice within the body. Through her own explorations she began to merge the awareness of  both the internal support structures of voice and the dynamics of emotional and energetic embodiment.

She now focuses her work exclusively around helping build the embodied connections within the voice and body. Her technique includes powerful self-care tools, and rituals that awaken the constellation of emotions that are often locked inside the body's tissue as fear, shame, and trauma.

Megwyn empowers her students to feel the internal dynamics of voice in relation to their overall expression, and has helped countless people overcome their fears of embodying their truest voice, and manifesting the power within their own authentic voice.

She is founder of the Embodied Art Project, a curated artistic social community that is made up with members from all over the world that create, and share various forms of artistic expression that are also coupled with a focus on embodiment.

"Your voice speaks volumes about who you truly are! Your voice is far more than just  a means of transmitting and communicating information of words. Voice is intimately connected to how we express emotions, confidence, understanding, and ecstasy. Just like a fingerprint your voice holds the matrix of your essence."


                                                                                         - Megwyn White

Speak with empathy, power, and gravity

Embody voice  with  Megwyn White

Photo by: Natasha Pelak

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Megwyn White

has spent over 20 years researching and exploring the dynamics of human emotions as they are mapped inside the body’s tissue. Her journey began as an actress exploring a wide range of characters from the sublime to the grotesque.

She graduated in 2001 from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. There she focused on training in physical theater and dance, and was awarded with the Departmental Award from the faculty of the Experimental Theater Wing.